Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why an Online Facilitation Course?

Why an online facilitation adventure....  Firstly, I am looking forward to gaining skills and knowledge in setting up and sustaining an online learning community.  Secondly, I am looking forward to exploring  Web 2.0 conferencing tools for engaging online participants and keeping up to date with current issues and trends pertaining to online facilitation.  Also, I am looking forward to collaborating and networking with others who are undertaking this online facilitation course and learning from, with and alongside them.  Let the adventure begin!


Sarah Stewart said...

Well, I would start with any material by Nancy White...she has a real handle on online facilitation as well as online networks and communities - I have referenced her work a number of times throughout this course :)

Margot/NZ said...

Hi there
I'm also participating in the FO2010 group - a bit sporadically as my life, and my poor memory get in the way sometimes!
I'm very new to the blogosphere, so learning this tool has been a huge learning curve for me. I'm interested to see that you found it a useful tool in a kindergarten community. I'm about to start a new job in our local library and outreach to our community is part of the job description. I hadn't thought of blogging as a tool in this until reading your post, so thanks so much for that!
Maybe 'meet' you on Friday?

Tarnz said...

Thanks Sarah - I have been delving into the course information and enjoying catching up with the links to videos etc. Look forward to elluminate session on Friday. Thanks for your comments Margot - yes blogging was an amazing tool for our Kindergarten - our "library bus" visited each month from our city library and left comments on our blog.

Malcolm Lewis said...

Hi. Just got round o your blog for the first time. I'm based in Queensland and seem to have some similar interests. I also have an early years focus and are keen to explore web 2.0 and early years services. I've put together a project working with early years services to explore what we can do with web 2.0. If your interested in looking at it or some my other interests. I would value your comments.