Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reflections Week 5

Tara and I have worked collaboratively to reflect and write brief notes on the following questions...
  • What is online facilitation?
Providing and facilitating a learning community using Web 2.0 tools.

  • What skills do you need as an online facilitator?
Knowledge of the Web 2.0 tools
Skills in engaging participants
People skills and strategies for encouraging all participants to become involved
Content knowledge and the skills to deliver it effectively
Supporting all ideas
Having the ability to "gently guide"
  • How does a facilitator build an online community or network?
Deciding on purpose! What tools will suit your purpose best? Inviting people to join. Encouraging discussions using a variety of web 2.0 tools...
Wanting to share your knowledge, skills.....
Enthusiasm for your topic
  • What are the key things to remember when facilitating an event, meeting or education course, especially when working with people who are new to online technology?
Providing "how to" guides/notes beforehand - using pictures/words etc
Having practice runs with participants who aren't so confident
Knowing and sharing the fact that technology does go wrong!
Allow time for everyone's voice
Allow time at the beginning to sort out "techy issues"
Time at the beginning for participants to introduce themselves, give them previous "warning" about this so they can be prepared.
  • What is the difference between teaching and facilitation?
Facilitation you are guiding people to work through it themselves - providing challenges and motivating, encouraging goal setting.... teaching to us, means teaching a direct skill. eg learning to knit! Tara is teaching Mackenzie how to knit, Tara couldn't facilitate this without sitting with her and guiding her..
  • What is netiquette?
Good etiquette online. Being a safe and responsible cybercitizen. Showing respect and understanding. To me it is all about being "a good person" - you shouldn't behave any differently than you do in the "real world!" Not being face to face shouldn't make any difference. Always remembering that what you post can exist forever!

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Sarah Stewart said...

Loving that you and Tara have worked together to come up with these thoughts. Did you have any differencs or discussions? If so, what were they?