Monday, October 31, 2011

Disappearing Year!

As November arrives and I wonder where the year has disappeared to, I have this feeling of guilt as I realise that, yet again, I have not been as proficient as I would like at keeping my blog up to date during 2011. I spend many hours of my week, encouraging and supporting teacher's into the world of blogging as a tool for sharing teaching and learning and reflecting on their practice. I spend time commenting on their blogs and giving them advice and guidance. I write the occasional blogposts for other blogs and I am passionate about the benefits of blogging. I could talk all day about the amazing experiences I have had, the networks and collaboration that blogging has created for me, I really walking the talk?
Real walking along Taipa Beach October 11!

I know I need to think about better strategies for becoming a more regular 'writer' to my own blog. I believe it is highly important to reflect on my practice as a Facilitator and I AM going to improve:-)

Watch this space!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Energiser's to Start the Day!

I was lucky enough to head to Christchurch on the weekend for our fourth ECE ICT Symposium.  Sharon Carlson, Ann Hatherly and I have previously held these professional learning days in Whangarei, Hamilton and Auckland.  Today we invited Matt Tippen along to share his 'Dad's perspective' of ICT for his children and family.  Matt is CORE famous for his 'energiser's' and finished his presentation today with a blast of energy!  Awesome to see all our ECE teaching whanau enthusiastic and joining in.