Friday, April 26, 2013

St Andrews - the final post on Anzac Day

Our final school on tour - St Andrews Episcopal, an independent school in Silicon Valley. This school has been 1-1 laptops for over 10 years and are in a transition process integrating iPads. The team reflected that this has been an easier transition for Kindergarten to 2nd grade. The middle school are still more comfortable with their laptops - both students and teachers. The students are predominately moving into High Schools who have 1-1 iPads and are resisting as there laptops feel 'right' to them. They don't feel their laptops are replaceable. The luxury for these students in that they tend to have iPhones/smartphones in their pockets so they are good to go! After discussion around this and the challenges of 'change', Adrian talked about Apples new concept of 1 and a half to 1 - 1 laptop, 1 iPad mini per student! YEAH RIGHT:-)

Interesting points about this school

Flipped classroom - teacher talked about responding to emails from students asking questions with step by step instructions

iPads for teachers to trial before pilot (1 year)

Apple TV hard wired in every class

Discussions around having all the resources but not necessarily the infrastructure even in heart of Silicon Valley - a surprise!

Reflected that if they were starting 1-1 in a school would go iPad rather than laptop BUT thr need to change our thinking - they are a personalised device:-)

Students programming with Alice

Digital Citizenship learning using iMovie to create and share learning

Students using sketch up - learning basic coding, creating

Reflection from Principal that it would now be hard to hire someone without technology expertise

Kindergarten -lower grades prefer iPad/Middle school - 1-1 laptop

Loved the outdoor classroom

Need to check out

School Facebook page

Usual apps

Google sites/Docs

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