Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paul Ecke Central and Ocean Knoll

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What's happening at Paul Ecke Central

4th-6th grade - 1-1 iPads

The Encinitas School District integrated iPads into 1 school at a time - teachers from other schools all visited that school at different stages of the process, they realised the importance of seeing integration in action at the beginning as well.

The District now moving iPads into K2, starting with enthusiastic teachers:-)

Awesome to see Dual language classes in action - Spanish/English - Cribby perfect person to be 'on tour' with, very similar to our full immersion kura at home. Great to reflect, fab professional dialogue amongst team. Great to hear that in USA dual language attracts parents. Noticed I am using the word great a lot!

Interesting discussions around VPP and configurator with teacher on special assignment (BeL Facilitator) - needing more discussions around this before I give my verdict:-). One of the challenges of whole class sets being configured the same = teacher can't add individual apps specific to class/students.

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Highlight of this school for me was seeing their environment - most similar to NZ school we have seen.

Lucky enough to have a 'GARDEN TEACHER' who works with all kids in outdoor class environment. Kids involved in whole process from sowing seeds to harvesting and then preparing for salad bar in school cafeteria - will post photos. The local Farmers Market is held weekly at the school. They have just adopted chickens and have just had their first two eggs - much excitement. Check out their garden Facebook page - School as a Garden.

School also employs full time yoga instructor who teaches all students as well as running twice weekly classes for teachers:-). There is a high turn out for this. Awesome culture of growing mind, body and spirit of school community.

Really hard to put what we are seeing in these schools into words - it is just so much more than just the technology. What I am seeing in the incredible difference leadership and good quality, continual professional development makes in a school.

Ocean Knoll

. IB School
. Saw extensive use of iMovie in science
. Kids could clearly articulate the inquiry process and explained their project based learning
. PTA pay for music science and kinderate teachers (kids martial arts)
. Garden teacher and nutrition teacher paid through a grant - every second week chn go to one or other

Again words cannot tell the story so I am going to need to add pictures. Please excuse the big long row - hard to get good wifi to organise any other way:-)

Our day yesterday finished with a Anaheim Crossfit session and run home for Mike, Cribby and I, a real highlight. Then Downtown Disney to explore Build a Bear and Build a Car. Awesome to see 2 dads so excited about building toys for their tamariki:-). And the true value of technology as Mike firstly connected to Cribby's wifi (without him knowing), face timed his daughter to show her the shop and let her choose her bear. Simply awesome! Hoping I get to help with the process! A very late dinner at ESPN sports bar. The perfect end to our first day in LA.

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