Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Energiser's to Start the Day!

I was lucky enough to head to Christchurch on the weekend for our fourth ECE ICT Symposium.  Sharon Carlson, Ann Hatherly and I have previously held these professional learning days in Whangarei, Hamilton and Auckland.  Today we invited Matt Tippen along to share his 'Dad's perspective' of ICT for his children and family.  Matt is CORE famous for his 'energiser's' and finished his presentation today with a blast of energy!  Awesome to see all our ECE teaching whanau enthusiastic and joining in.

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Stephanie said...

Blogging is bit like exercise, make a schedule and stick to it. For me I've committed myself to writing at least one post a week (weekly reflection) and anything else is gravy. I did like reflecting on the Graduating Teacher Standards via blog as a framework for thinking. Also having blog commentators helps. Have you thought about using a service like twitter feed so that your twitter followers get notice of new posts? Also you might want to put an email subscription widget and RSS feeder button on your blog.

Hope that helps