Monday, October 31, 2011

Disappearing Year!

As November arrives and I wonder where the year has disappeared to, I have this feeling of guilt as I realise that, yet again, I have not been as proficient as I would like at keeping my blog up to date during 2011. I spend many hours of my week, encouraging and supporting teacher's into the world of blogging as a tool for sharing teaching and learning and reflecting on their practice. I spend time commenting on their blogs and giving them advice and guidance. I write the occasional blogposts for other blogs and I am passionate about the benefits of blogging. I could talk all day about the amazing experiences I have had, the networks and collaboration that blogging has created for me, I really walking the talk?
Real walking along Taipa Beach October 11!

I know I need to think about better strategies for becoming a more regular 'writer' to my own blog. I believe it is highly important to reflect on my practice as a Facilitator and I AM going to improve:-)

Watch this space!

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