Thursday, October 2, 2014

Connected Educator Month #cenz14

You know it's been a LONG time since you've blogged when.... your blog address doesn't appear in the URL when you start typing!

Just to make myself feel better, I do have to say that I am a 'busy blogger' in the schools that I work in and am also very good at encouraging others to blog.   BUT time to be a role model and 'walk the talk'.

October has been HUGE and it's only the 3rd.  BIG SHOUT OUT to @virtuallykaren and @COREEducation - for bringing #cenz14 to Aotearoa.

I have loved the professional learning from the comfort of my own home and have been wowed by many presenters.  The dialogue from participants in the chat box is also hugely inspiring and amplifies that we are living in a world where 'connectedness' is valued!

So, a few of my highlights  have included connecting in an online space with  @tombarrett@langwitches and @stephenheppell .  I have so much to reflect on as I delve deeper into my own thinking and learning.  Oh to head off to a tropical Island and take time out.

Tom's Blog
Silvia's Blog
Stephen's Blog

I have been inspired to download Designing a Learning Space by Juliette Heppell and yes, again, will need to take sometime to explore this further.

Huge THANKS to an incredible team of Christchurch Educators who have kicked off the Christchurch Connected Educator's Blog.  I was particularly impressed with This post by
@jodudley6 and know this is something that I will continue to share with Educators I connect with.  Jo has thoroughly explained how she is enriching teaching and learning in math with the support  of digital technologies and has shared some incredible examples.  Through Twitter I am able to express my thanks and share with Jo the impact this post has had.

Part of my role as a Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator with Te Toi Tupu is working in schools and supporting teachers to be 'connected educators'.  So impressed with many Whangarei teachers who have already taken opportunities in these first 3 days.  Cassandra Reyburn is a teacher from Maunu Primary School in Whangarei who is doing AMAZING things - both as a learner and for her learners.  You can check out her blog here.  It was heart warming to open my emails this morning as see a google doc created by Cassandra who has delved into the Starter Kete for #cenz14!  #BOOM nice to know that I have inspired just one person and have this feedback.  Thanks Cassandra :-)

As I continue to immerse myself in the knowledge of others over the next month during both Connected Educator Month and ULearn next week, I know my brain will be filled with new ideas and knowledge.  I am thankful for the opportunity to LEARN and grow as a learner through my powerful connections.  YAH for being a CONNECTED EDUCATOR.  I love this final slide that is used in the webinars, both the Karaika and the cartoon!  Powerful stuff:-)

Events for #cenz14 Can be found here.

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