Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I LOVE facebook and the social networking opportunities it provides for me.  I am even MORE excited about the prospect of Google+ for a few reasons....  I particularly like the idea of the "circles" - "share what matters, with the people who matter most." This will give me the option of creating different "circles" of friends - work colleagues, professional connections, family and friends all within the same platform.  At the moment I tend to use Twitter as my Professional Learning Network and Facebook as my personal social network but there is often cross overs.  Imagine being able to share personal photos with family and friends and professional photos with work colleagues all within the same platform.  The future, as usual, holds so many exciting possibilities to explore - I look forward to giving it all a go! Check out all the other cool information about Google+ here.  Google+Sparks, Google+Hangouts, Google+InstantUpload and Google@Huddle - I eagerly await in anticipation Google!

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Anonymous said...

Looks Awesome! Reminds me of Bronfenbrenner's circles a bit ...... will be great to use.